Sania’s Story

Sania Vucetaj Brow Expert

A pioneer in the brow industry, Sania is one of the first to understand the importance of brows—especially full ones. Sania has become a staple in the beauty industry and is widely recognized for her signature bold brows. Her celebrity clientele includes Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna, Angela Simmons, Eliza Dushku, Kathie Lee and Hoda, Jay Sean and Carmen Dell’Orefice.

Although her client roster reads like the Who’s Who of New York chic, Sania Vucetaj herself is quite understated. Tending to the brows of New York’s fashionable (including social girls, fashion and beauty editors and ladies who lunch) for over two decades, Sania had become a fixture at the Bergdorf Goodman specialty store where she was the master brow specialist at the beauty level spa for years. Women visited Sania from all over the world and quickly became addicted to her signature bold brows. Once having your brows professionally shaped, there is no turning back.  This is where her vision for Sania’s Brow Bar began.  Sania is one of the first and few in her industry that strictly tweezes. Waxing and threading are not precise and waxing stretches that delicate skin,  while threading breaks the hairs. In those few short minutes, Sania transforms her clients brows and overall look. Sania has worked events for Louis Vuitton, Bergdorf Goodman, Dior and the MTV Video Music Awards among many others.

The eyebrow grooming business has grown exponentially over the past few years. America and the rest of the world are becoming brow obsessed.  The perfect brow can actually become an alternative to a face lift. A well manicured brow frames the eyes to create a youthful and sophisticated look. If your eyebrows are not proportioned, it overwhelms the face. Sania is all about repair, regrowth and maintenance.

Sania has been eyebrow obsessed for over 21 years. She wasn’t taught this talent, but learned it from her own imperfection, a scar in her brow. Sania sat in front of the mirror determined to hide this imperfection and learned how to use pencil to to camouflage the scar.  From there on, she shaped brows at parties and events, knowing she could change peoples images, as well as help build their confidence. She became infatuated, and later a licensed aesthetician.

Sania recently launched the Sania’s Brow Bar line of brow products. The feedback has been amazing. Her brow pencil has become an essential for the top celebrity makeup artists in the world. Fans of her brow product line include Cindy Crawford and the worlds top beauty editors such as Eva Chen, Linda Wells and Kate White. Her products have been featured in major publications including Allure, Cosmopolitan, Lucky, New York Magazine and the New York Post.

Sania, while being an eyebrow expert full time also has 4 children, and a very supportive husband of 26 years. Sania is Albanian-American and lives in the Chelsea area of Manhattan with her family.