Redbook February 2012

I over-tweezed my eyebrows, and they won’t grow back in! What can I do?

The Brow Specialist Says:

“Don’t try to reshape too-skinny brows. Instead, stop tweezing for two months, except for obvious strays in between or far below your brows. And when you pluck, don’t use a magnifying mirror, which can skew your perspective. As your brows grow in, hide stubble with a matte eyeshadow that matches your skin tone. Also, don’t put lotion or sunscreen on your skin there- it can clog the hair follicles. My clients can’t believe how much faster their brows grow when they stop doing this- some say that hairs that haven’t grow in for years suddenly reappear. ” After the two month mark Vucetaj recommends getting a professional brow shaping at a salon or spa which costs $30 to $60. “Go to someone who tweezes which is more precise than waxing or threading,” she says.