Men’s Brow Grooming

Sania has been specializing in mens brow grooming for over 20 years. Working events such as the VMAs and the Emmys, she acknowledges and respects the fact that men, as much as women, want well-groomed brows. However, the problem is that it is very risky to walk into just any salon and trust that their brows will remain masculine and natural looking. Sanias technique and grooming style ensures that men leave looking like a cleaner version of themselves.

Sania has built a strong male following over the years and has groomed the brows of some of Hollywoods biggest celebrities such as Matt LeBlanc, Anthony Anderson, Jay Sean, Tony Hale, and Pablo Schreiber. She understands that much in the way that women can use makeup to enhance their features, a well groomed brow on a man enhances their face in a subtle yet sophisticated way.

Sania has now decided to open up the first ever “mens-only” brow grooming section in her NYC salon that caters solely to mens grooming and gives them the attention they deserve – without completely isolating them because Sania believes that male brow grooming should never be taboo and is a conversation that should happen.

To book an appointment for mens brow grooming, please call 212.247.1129.

Mens Brow Grooming Session with Sania: $75

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