Meet the Team

Sania Vucetaj, a pioneer in the brow industry, has carefully tucked away her 25+ years of experience and knowledge for the right moment to begin her expansion…

And Sania is now ready to introduce her daughters and niece to the brow world! Having received extensive training by Sania herself, her jr. staff fully understands and appreciates the importance of how to shape, repair and maintain brows using Sania’s precisely calculated method. Much like Sania, her team promotes a fuller, more youthful and natural looking brow for women. All three stylists are also trained to work with men’s brows – keeping men looking like a cleaner version of themselves.

Sania has dreamed for years of turning SBB into a family operated business. She knows that her girls will appreciate the clients, maintain the reputation and promote the business as much as she has. Their personal training combined with their extensive educational backgrounds ensure that the “dolls” provide quality service and some great conversations…

Valbona “Val”; Brow Specialist ($48)

Growing up as Sania’s daughter meant that Val was always hyper aware to the importance of brows long before Cara Delevingne became a household name. Upon graduating from NYU, she decided to help with the backend of the business. She has had her hand in product development, advertising, marketing and customer relations. After she decided to shadow and receive personal training from the “guru” herself, she’s stepped out from behind the computer and is now grooming/shaping brows. An avid art lover, Val has always considered brow sculpting to be an art form. She approaches each brow hair with the same delicate precision as she would a brush stroke. She says that by transforming brows, she is essentially enhancing the entire face and fuller, more natural brows are more youthful on everyone.

Syzana “Suzy”; Brow Specialist ($48)

Sania’s vision and passion is something Suzy has strived to emulate in all aspects of her life. A city girl at heart, Suzy received her BA and Masters at NYU and is currently working on her PhD (in math education) there as well. When her mom, Sania, discussed expanding the business, Suzy was eager to jump in. Growing up in her home, “brows” was a word Suzy heard regularly – so naturally, she has always understood the importance of full brows and the need for brows to correctly and effectively frame ones face. Training with Sania and learning the science behind brows has been more interesting (and fun) than Suzy expected – so much so that she has chosen to leave behind her career at a prestigious NYC private school to pursue further education – and brows! Pursuing both passions goes to show that life – much like brows – is all about balance!


Valbona “Bona”; Brow Specialist ($48)

A psychology major who graduated from Montclair University, Bona thrives in social settings. She is also a major beauty and fashion enthusiast who has spent years working in the fashion industry. Her Eastern European roots – all three “dolls” are Albanian – has taught Bona that full brows are a must. Working at SBB has provided her with the perfect opportunity to beautify women’s external appearance and groom mens brows to enhance their look and confidence – something she feels very strongly about. With SBBs prestigious reputation attracting such a broad clientele – Bona is looking forward to meeting some of the most interesting people in the world!

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